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Where do you record your ideas and todo's ? In your head? In a moleskine? On post-it's? On your smartphone?

With OrgYou you organize your tasks, todo's, ideas, checklists. OrgYou combines in a unique way the possibility to

  • organize your tasks hierarchically in subtasks, as deep as you need
  • view your actual todo's at a glance in a flat list according to their action context

To achieve this combination, OrgYou uses some central ideas of "Getting Things Done" (GTD) by David Allen. You need not use them, but if you do, you will be more effective. Take one of his arguments: put only those things into your calendar which should show up at a certain day or a certain time. This is only appropriate for some of your tasks, the others should be organized by content. With OrgYou you operate in this way, and schedule them in the calendar only if needed.

OrgYou has two main views

From each of the views you can open a details dialog  in which you can

  • enter the subject of the task
  • record an elaborate description of the task
  • add a reference to a person
  • add a due date or a scheduling date / time or an alarm
  • import a calendar entry
  • select the context of an action
  • etc.

Task items are saved in a file, for a large project or a special topic you may want to create a separate file. When OrgYou is started, it opens the last used file, and it opens it in the last used view (task view or contexts view), so you can continue where you stopped last time.

News:  Version 1.1.0  released Aug 17th 2011


  • tasks with scheduling dates are reflected in the standard symbian calendar and as such can be synchronized with a lot of targets using the standard synchronization, e.g. with Outlook®
    (read more...)
  • file exchange with Personal Computer by USB
  • Other sync options like SyncML or Toodledo will be evaluated in future versions

Trial Version:
    The trial version has the following limitations:

  • the number of files is limited to 1
  • the number of items in the file is limited to 20
  • the number of OrgYou's scheduling dates, which are synchronized with the calendar app of your symbian phone or the Outlook calendar on Windows®, is limited to 3

System requirements of the Symbian version

  • Nokia device with S60 5th ed.
    Examples: Nokia 5800 XM, 5530 XM, N97, N97 mini
    Nokia E7 will soon be supported
  • Capabilities used: Read User Data, Write User Data, Network Services, Connectivity, LocalServices -
    your confirmation will be requested on installation
  • Qt  and QtMobility - these are installed automatically if not already present

 System requirements of the Windows® Version

  • Windows XP® / Vista®
  • Qt 4.7

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